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Lots of people dream about flying and most never ever take it one step beyond a thought. In this day and age you can go and experience many things in life, but as the possibility becomes more real we become more isolated in our own little environment. Dreams of flying turn into playing a game on a machine and kidding ourselves that flying a home simulator is the same as the real thing. Stop kidding yourself, get up and do something different this week and if it takes you outside your comfort zone all the better

I am a gliding instructor and take ordinary people on their first flight experience and its a wide range of people who come along for a trial lesson. There are thrill seekers and people overcoming fears, but then theres the 90 year old who flew military gliders in the war. One that sticks in my mind was a lady who stated, 'I used to be an adrenlin junkie and did all extreme sports. Since my children were born Ive never done anything where I percieved a risk, but this has made me realise these things are exciting and fun'

Gliding is technically challenging to become good at, no more difficult than driving a car and financially within most peoples reach. In fact its probably the cheapest way to learn to fly, (around £1000 at my club), but more significantly its the technical challenge that drives people to strive further, to stay airborn longer using true solar energy, flying higher - UK record over 40,000 feet, faster - many gliders can fly over 150mph, further - UK record is over 1000km in a day

You can soar with the birds with an outstanding view that is second to none

If you are interested in a trial lesson to fly a glider, maybe even with me, the link below gives more details

Come Fly With Me....

New Zealand looking towards Mount Cook
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