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Flying over Colchester
Football ground & A12 in view
David Betts - who am I?


A successful business coach in North Essex where I work with a wide range of businesses, reducing daily Aggravation, freeing up their Time and making them more Money. Or put another way working on their business ATM problem

I live in Colchester with my wife Tracy, our two daughters, Rowena and Haylie, now married and left home also have given us a grandson Theo. We live in a house that we built ourselves 20+ years ago in a quiet edge of the town, giving us field views coupled with local amenities within walking distance

Working as a Business Coach creates its own stresses as you get involved in the day to day challenges of clients, but the overwhelming satisfaction of working with clients and getting outstanding results is truly life changing for them and opens doors for me to learn new skills and travel to many new places around the world

There are times in life when you need to be serious but its just as important to take time away from work, letting the brain recuperate. This is an area I struggle with as being a bit of a perfectionist my natural tendancy is to always keep making things better
Family time is an important part of life and gliding provides an alternative challenge that  requires good focus and hence total shut off from the day job
Its important to understand what drives you and for me my passion is helping others succeed and work to their optimum performance. In business this to me means helping people to learn new skills and approaches, so they can run their businesses more efficiently and hence improve their lifestyle to the level they desire. Outside business its about helping people realise their potential. All too often people live their lives closeted away from opportunity that is there for the taking. Its not 'British' to want to succeed and I hope that I help people see through this barrier
Our Family
What of the future?
As I continue to work with business owners to achieve more and more outstanding results, I often take the opportunity of helping people understand specific situations and make appropriate decisions.
When flying as an instructor it is a privilege to guide people to take control of an aircraft often for the first time and undergo new experiences.
As a grandfather to Theo and other granchildren to come I hope to guide, teach and help develop my grandchildren, possibly more as a friend than is possible to be as a parent.
In addition we have started another Self Build house project which will take a lot of time and you can follow our endevours over the months in the 'House Self Build' tab.

I always endeavour to help people achieve the best of themselves and through this create the lifestyle they desire
Grandad and Theo
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