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Would you Like a no strings Gifted Business Coaching session to help you move you business forward?

No Catch, No Selling No Charge

We are in times of radical and fast change effecting Businesses in many unforseen ways and to combat this we need to make timely decisions about things we have no previous experience of

You have worked hard on your business making it a success and now out of the blue the Covid Pandemic has pulled the rug from under you.  Needing to make the best decisions you can in this situation but working out where to start can become bewildering

My offer is to engage with you in a coaching session to review any area of your business that is holding you back. This will be a video session and I will need to know what you want to achieve beforehand. Otherwise the topic is down to you and I will help you as far as I am able

Why work with David Betts?

OK here's the starting point, I may not be the right person to help you, although as a Business Coach I am very flexible in what I do cover. My expertise from the past 11 years coaching has tended to centre on established businesses who have a team working with them and then centered on multifold growth over a number of years working together. But my motivator is to help guide business owners achieve great things with their business and I am really worried this Pandemic is going to kill a lot of businesses and that will be bad for everybody. So I hope this in some small way I can help prevent this

How Business Coaching Works

Coaching requires trust between the coachee and the coach to allow difficult questions to be confronted and explored in a safe environment. It opens doors to opportunities that have not been explored before.

The second area is about accountability to deliver what you commit to do. In an ongoing coaching situation this means doing the agreed work every week and this is fundamentally how businesses get extraordinary results.

However to be clear my job is to make you look great and although your team will become aware when you get involved with busines coaching due to the changes they see, all of this comes through you. I just support you on the journey

Where do we Start?

Firstly lets understand where we are now especially with regard to the current Covid19 impact

A 3 minute video on reacting to Covid19 changes:-

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