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Success in life comes from embracing change!

We all like some form of routine in our lives, but a high percentage of us are very fearful of change either on a conscious, or sub-conscious level and this realises itself in people not maximising their potential in life. They don't see it like that of course and often put it down to them being unlucky and totally overlooking successful people around them working hard at embracing change

Let's put it this way if you do what you have always done you will keep getting what you have always got. Make sense? If you were to make a change and things got worse would your world end? Probably not, but just look at all those insecure people fearing leaving The European Community here in the UK

There is a psychological issue here and that is associated with the flight or fight response. That is if a wild animal jumped out and attacked you on the way to the office, you could choose to fight it, if you thought you could defeat it, or, run away if you thought you could out run it. This decision is made very fast, outside your normal thought process, so it's an instinctive reaction not a considered one Go back 100+ years more and life was very much more routine and less likely to change, so avoiding change was often a good reaction. Nowadays when we are likely to need to change profession mid life at least once during a career, change is a natural order of life and if you don't change you don't get the benefit that change brings and eventually there is a strong possibility you may go the way of the dinosaur

So if you find yourself being left behind in life, being 'unlucky', look at changing your luck by embracing change itself and if you feel retesant to take the first step, just ask yourself, what's the worst than could happen. If it's not catastrophic then look at what the best that could happen if you did make the change

Embrace change and get the best out of life!

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