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Halloween – Ghouls, Ghosties and Brexit!

Halloween, time of scares, spells, ghouls, ghosts and what about Brexit? Given the horror stories being promoted in the media about the impending disaster that is going to happen when we exit Europe, why would we be even concerned about ghosts and ghouls?

So in this situation, whats the worst that could happen with Brexit? Well from what the media are promoting all the financial sector will move away off shore. So rather than falling apart in fear of what this change could mean, why don't we consider what the benefits of this situation could create?

The simple fact is if we just cower in fear instead of thinking on our feet to make the best of a situation, then we will fail to succeed. As Henry Ford put it, 'whether you think you can, or think you cant, you are right!' In other words if you think something will fail then subconsciously you will do everything to make it fail, as that would prove your opinion correct.

We all love a bit of suspense and the fear it brings forth, but the reality is although fear can drive us we need to manage it, as otherwise it will take us over and stop us thinking about the most likely outcome and what to do about it. The last thing we want is to run around like headless chickens achieving nothing, when we could be working on making what looks like a bad situation, into the next opportunity!

So when running a business, never bury your head in the sand about a problem, or something you fear. Analyse the options and turn a situation into a unique opportunity, especially since its likely some of your competitors wont be reacting in such a positive progressive way, its your chance to triumph over them

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